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In times like these, when emotions run high, and everyone is concerned about the Coronavirus, Quality Air Conditioning & Refrigeration shines as a beacon of support and good faith. Quality maintenance, and proven best practices such as: improved indoor air quality, source control for contamination, and keeping your residential and/or commercial area clean are the keys to successfully navigating current and future health issues.


From March 23 to August 31 2020

Get your air conditioner serviced for the upcoming summer for as low as $60 for the first unit, and $40 for each additional unit. For ducted units please call.

Whether you're home or at work don't be uncomfortable. Let us keep it cool for you. Call us for a quote or for system maintenance TODAY. We’re confident that Quality Air VI keeps you coolest!

Quality Air conditioning service

Pollutants such as cooking odors, pet dander, mold, cigarette smoke, and chemical doors affects indoor air quality.

Knowledgeable Staff

We're proud thay our company’s very foundation was built on it's integrity, quality and doing a job right on the first try.

We are result oriented

We perform a heat gain, heat loss analysis on each house to determine the proper size of the system that needs to be installed.

Home Or Office units

During the hot summer months, you can enjoy refreshing breezes of cold air. Whether you are at home or work.